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Taylor's Oral Language Approach to Reading

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About Us

Once you learn about EPIC Inc., we hope you will give us the honor of educating your children. Our preparatory school is located in the Highland Park section of Pittsburgh and housed in a colonial mansion that was renovated for the school's use. We take pride in creating a home-oriented environment for students rather than a cold institutional setting.

At the academy, we attempt to respect the individuality of each child. Our highly qualified staff is trained to encourage the intellectual and social growth of each student. Our students are encouraged to progress at whatever learning rate is needed. Additionally, we provide incentives to each child to think critically, use inductive and deductive reasoning, and respond creatively.

Our approach to education extends beyond our walls. As such, we take 10 field trips per year so that our students can benefit from real-world experiences. Places we have visited include New York City and Washington, DC.

Our Focus

Our mission is to provide "Optimus Disciplina" — the best in educational excellence to every child enrolled in the Academy. We offer "new perspectives" through "new experiences" by encouraging fair play and teaching children to become independent thinkers.